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Baby Sleep
Soothing baby video 
6th-Jun-2006 11:25 am
Jack walking
Hi all,

I hope it's okay for me to post this here. I'm  a filmmaker and a dad to a seven year old girl.  

My buddy and I have produced a soothing and gentle baby video (similar to the Baby Einstein series but in a different style) called Jack, the Cuddly Dog for children three and under. You can see a free preview of the video at our website (watch it with your baby and I bet he or she will want to reach out to pet the "doggy" :)


Please come by and take a look at it! When my girl was a baby I would often do her 2 am feeding, and watch TV while I did it. I wish I had had this video, or something like it when we did those midnight feedings.

We produced this video because we believe there is a need for a more "organic" and gentle video that has beautifully played piano instead of canned-sounding synthesizer. Another point of difference with other videos is that ours features a loveable dog character that children adore. He was hand-drawn by one of the animators who worked on Blues Clues.  Here is an incredible comment we got from Filmmaker magazine (a national magazine):


You can buy the DVD on our website or on Amazon.com (all 5-star reviews there!). Thanks!
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