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Baby Sleep
A week ago I started trying to wean Sterling off needing to eat at… 
3rd-Feb-2006 11:28 pm
A week ago I started trying to wean Sterling off needing to eat at night. Then I was hoping to also get him to learn to get himself back to sleep. Well, the first part is accomplished. I've stopped nursing him back to sleep when he wakes up. Also it's taking a lot less time to get him to sleep in the first place. I was putting him down to sleep between 9 and 10. Now between 8 and 8:30 I've started up a routine: change him into pajamas, brush his teeth, read him a story, then turn off the lights and hold and rock him until he puts his head down on my shoulder. Then a few turns of laying him down in his crib and patting his back until he falls asleep. Around tuesday or Wednesday I was almost ready to admit defeat, since he was waking up so often. Then we figured out the culprit, he developed infections in both his ears. Wenesday daycare called me saying he had temperature and his ear was oozing. Poor baby, his eardrum ruptured. No wonder he wasn't sleeping well! But now he's on antibiotics, and feeling much better. so when he wakes up during the night, it takes me only 10 minutes or so to get himto fall back to sleep.
Hopefully on the way to getting him to sleep better.
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